Service Administration Senior Management Office

To lead the activities related to the BCRA’s procurement, maintenance, conservation and supply of goods and services processes.

To lead the activities related to the protection and safeguard of the BCRA's human resources and assets.

Fernando González Llanos | Senior Manager

Fernando González Llanos graduated as an architect from Universidad de Belgrano (UB). He also graduated cum laude as a lawyer from Universidad de Palermo (UP). He has taken courses, seminars and graduate programs in architecture, law and management.

He worked for Subterráneos de Buenos Aires after being awarded the First Prize in a Contest for New Ideas for Line “D” of the Buenos Aires subway network. At the BCRA, he was in charge of managing the realization of assets of institutions undergoing liquidation, and served in various positions in the Financial Institutions’ Liquidations area.

He received a distinction from the Argentine Navy for his involvement as volunteer in the Malvinas War when being a conscript.

He was designated academic advisor at Universidad de Belgrano (UB), where he also taught courses.

Fotografía de Fernando Gonzalez Llanos