Reporting System and Information Databases Senior Management Office

To plan and manage the analysis, preparation, issuance and consultation of the reporting and accounting system. To manage information databases for the supervision, monitoring, and analysis of financial and foreign exchange institutions.

Rodrigo Javier Danessa | Senior Manager

Rodrigo Javier Danessa graduated as a certified public accountant from Universidad Nacional de la Plata. He completed the International Accounting Standards (IAS) module of the postgraduate course “Professional Competence for Public Accountants”, Professional Cycle for International Expansion, at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa.

He took part in the Council for the Development of Standards for Accounting and Auditing of the Argentine Federation of Professional Associations of Economic Sciences (FACPCE, in Spanish), and in the Committee for Professional Involvement in Financial Institutions of the Professional Association of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires (FACPCECABA). He joined the Superintendence of Financial and Foreign Exchange Institutions in 1997 and built most of his career in the Reporting System area.

He is a teacher trainer in "International Financial Reporting Standards" (IFRS) at FACPCE, and gives lecturers in courses, conferences and seminars related to accounting and reporting systems of financial and foreign exchange institutions. He is also an in-house trainer.

Fotografía de Rodrigo Danessa