Payment Systems and Current Account Senior Management Office

To lead and control the formulation of proposals to improve the National Payment System along with its operation, and the management of current accounts at the BCRA. To lead the BCRA’s management of, and settlements through, payment systems.

Luis A. D'Orio | Senior Manager

Luis A. D’Orio graduated as a public accountant from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). He also graduated as a teacher for secondary and higher education at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN).

He joined the BCRA in 1988 and has forged his career in areas such as Accounting, Operations, and Means of Payment. He has participated in technical meetings, conferences, seminars and forums on means of payment, cross-border payments along with bilateral and multilateral payment agreements in Argentina and abroad, and has given in-house training courses at the BCRA.

He was a professor at Università di Bologna and at the School of Economics of Universidad de Buenos Aires. Concurrently with the position of senior manager, he is working as a professor of Economics and Management at a private secondary school.

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