Operations Control and Settlement Senior Management Office

To deal with foreign currency transfers, recording and settlement of securities operations and reserves investment operations, as well as maintenance of correspondent accounts.

To undertake the duties inherent in the role of Financial Agent of the National Government.

Luis Daniel Briones Rouco | Senior Manager

Luis Briones Rouco graduated in Economics and completed a graduate course in Financial Instruments from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

He joined the BCRA after completing a competitive selection process. Some of the positions held include Risk Assessment and Financial Risk Assessment Manager, advisor to the General Manager and Market Operations Senior Manager. He served as coordinator of the Financing Assessment Unit and Head of the National Office for Public Lending of the Argentine Ministry of Economy and Public Finance. He served on the Board of Caja de Seguros S.A. and Hidroeléctrica Piedra del Águila S.A. on behalf of the national State. He was also deputy representative of the minister before the BCRA’s Board. He has worked in the public sector since 1988.

He was a professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and professor of undergraduate and graduate courses at Universidad Nacional de Luján.

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