Legal Affairs Senior Management Office

To legally represent the BCRA in criminal, institutional, financial or labor lawsuits.

To provide legal support in court procedures related to financial institutions’ liquidation where the BCRA acts in its capacity as receiver and/or liquidator of institutions and/or excluded assets

To deal with asset administration and control of trusts in which the BCRA is a beneficiary.

Mariano Pablo Basile | Senior Manager

He graduated as a lawyer from Universidad Nacional de La Plata and holds a master’s degree in Business Law from Universidad Austral.

At the BCRA, he has held different positions: Liquidation and Collections Legal Affairs Manager, Legal Assistance Deputy Manager, Head of the Legal Assistance Department reporting to the Liquidation of Financial Institutions Deputy General Management Office, and attorney-in-fact of the BCRA between 1992 and 2002. Moreover, he worked as a lawyer at the Legal Management Office for the National Telecommunications Company (Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones, ENTel), and he also worked in the private sector.

He was a professor of Insolvency regime at the School of Economics of the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). At present, he is a professor of Negotiable instruments at the Law School of UADE, too.

He was the author of the chapter La personalidad jurídica de las sociedades in the book Tratado de Derecho Comercial, (Ernesto E. Martorell, Director), published by Editorial La Ley in 2010.

Fotografía de Mariano Basile