Financial Consumer Protection Senior Management Office

To ensure the protection of financial consumers’ rights by coordinating actions among the BCRA’s areas and competent government agencies. To run the Financial Consumer Protection Center.

To monitor and analyze the major aspects of financial consumer protection in order to take preventive, general and systemic actions.

Oscar A. Diakovsky | Senior Manager

Oscar A. Diakovsky graduated as a public accountant from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and as a bank technician from Universidad Nacional de Formosa (UNAF). He attended various seminars and performed training activities on prudential regulation, risk management and internal controls of financial institutions.

He began his career at Banco de Corrientes. Then, he served as senior auditor of financial institutions for Price Waterhouse Coopers/Harteneck-López y Cía. He joined the BCRA in 2001 as senior analyst of the Regulatory Implementation Management Office, where he was subsequently promoted to head analyst.

Diakovsky was a professor of “Regulatory Bodies and Applicable Regulations” in the graduate program in Management of Financial Institutions at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA); “Key Regulations Applicable to Financial Institutions” and “Auditing and Control” in the specialization course in Bank Management at Universidad Nacional de La Matanza (UNLAM); and “Bank Accounting”, “Financial System Liquidity and Solvency” and “Financial System's Institutional and Operational Regulations” at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA).