Contentious Affairs Senior Management Office

To lead the processes for filing charges for any breach to the BCRA's regulations, the Law on Financial Institutions or the Foreign Exchange Criminal Regime; and to initiate the relevant summary proceedings.

Rúben D. Narduzzi | Senior Manager

Rubén Narduzzi graduated as a lawyer from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC).

In the public sector, he served as manager of Claims and Summary Administrative Proceedings in the Superintendence of Retirement and Pension Funds Managers (SAFJP), and as advisor to the Board of Directors of Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA). He also worked in the Administrative Proceedings Management office of the Superintendence of Workplace Hazards (SRT). In the private sector, he served as manager of the Legal Affairs Department of Provincia ART and as legal auditor at SEDESA S.A. He has also worked as a freelance lawyer.

Narduzzi has carved out a long career at the BCRA: before holding his current position as Contentious Affairs Senior Manager, he worked as an advisor to the Board of Directors and as SEFyC Planning and Administration Control Senior Manager.

He has taken various training courses, especially in the field of banking law, and graduate courses in tax law along with law and economics at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Fotografía de Rúben Narduzzi