Board of Directors - Alternate Deputy Governorship | Duties

The Board of Directors formulates the Bank’s monetary and financial policy; takes part in any decision affecting the monetary and foreign exchange markets; sets general policies related to economic order and expansion of the financial system; establishes the denominations and characteristics of bills and coins; authorizes the opening of new financial or foreign exchange institutions and revokes their license; lays down rules for organizing and managing the Bank.

It also performs other such duties as are assigned under Sections 14 and 15 of the BCRA Charter.

To replace the First Deputy Governor in the event of temporary absence or when the latter is replacing the Governor (BCRA Charter, Section 13).

The Second Deputy Governor is a member of the Board of Directors.

Alejandro Daniel Lew | Alternate Deputy Governor - Member of the Board (Appointment subject to Senate Confirmation)

Alejandro Daniel Lew holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

He served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Vice president of Administration and Finance at YPF and, previously, he had held the positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), General Manager at Grupo 360 Energy, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director of Administration and Finance at Genneia.

He was also Executive Director at HSBC Securities Inc. in Buenos Aires, leading the debt origination team in capital markets for Latin America sovereign and corporate issuers. He held the position of Vice president at JPMorgan Chase Bank in Buenos Aires, leading the team in charge of institutional relationship with corporate clients at the bank's trading desk. In addition, he held several positions at JPMorgan Securities Inc. in New York (formerly, Chase Manhattan Bank), going up the career ladder from Analyst to Vice president as a specialist in debt origination in capital markets for Latin America sovereign and corporate issuers.

He also served as Senior Analyst at Banco Itaú Argentina, and as Capital Markets Analyst at the Undersecretariat of Capital Markets of the Argentine Ministry of Economy, dealing with the assessment and sale process of minority shareholdings in privatized companies.

Fotografía de Alejandro Lew