Governorship | Duties

The governor is in charge of managing the Central Bank and he legally represents it before third parties; he acts on behalf of the Board of Directors, and calls for and chairs its meetings; he ensures compliance with the BCRA’s Charter, other national laws and Board Resolutions; and he performs all other duties entrusted to him as the Bank’s main executive authority (BCRA Charter, Section 10). He is a member of the Board of Directors.

Santiago Bausili | Governor - Member of the Board (Appointment subject to Senate Confirmation)

He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Universidad de San Andrés.

As regards his professional background, he worked for J.P. Morgan (11 years) and for the Deutsche Bank (9 years). He lived in New York for 17 years while working for these institutions. He was responsible for financing in international capital markets for private sector companies and governments in Latin America, the design of hedging strategies for financial risks through derivative instruments, and the structuring of private financing. He participated in negotiations with customers from most Latin American countries, especially from the Andean countries of the region and the Southern Cone.

Before taking up his current position at the BCRA, he held several positions in the public sector, such as Secretary of the Ministry of Finance/Ministry of the Treasury of Argentina (2017-2019), and Undersecretary of Financing at the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Finance (2016).

He also worked as a consultant on macroeconomic and financial issues particularly focusing on the Argentine context (2020-2023).

Fotografía de Santiago Bausili