General Management Office | Duties

To manage the Bank and oversee the issues that are the responsibility of the deputy general managers reporting to him—i.e., Financial Regulations Deputy General Management, the Economic Research Deputy General Management, the Operations Deputy General Management, the Means of Payment Deputy General Management, the Central Services and Administration Deputy General Management, the Information Technology and Organization Deputy General Management, and the Asset Administration and Trust Control Senior Management, Communications and Community Relations Senior Management, International Relations and Agreements Senior Management , the Risk Assessment Senior Management and the Special Projects Management Office.

He reports functionally to the Governor.

Agustín Torcassi | General Manager

He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Universidad de Buenos Aires and a master’s degree in Applied Economics from Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA).

He joined the Central Bank of Argentina in 2002 as Analyst, and was promoted to hold several positions: Foreign Trade and Exchange Statistics Manager, External Operations Manager, Market Operations Senior Manager, Operations Deputy General Manager, and Financial Regulations Deputy General Manager, just to mention a few. Before joining the Central Bank, he had worked at the National Direction of International Accounts of the Ministry of Economy.

He was a professor of Foreign Trade and International Payments at Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), where he had previously taught Public Economy.

Fotografía de agustin torcassi