Deputy Comptroller | Duties

To supervise BCRA compliance with Charter provisions and other applicable regulations, reporting to the Board, the Executive and the National Congress (BCRA Charter, Section 36).

Ignacio Pérez Cortés | Deputy Supervisory Auditor

Ignacio Pérez Cortés holds an undergraduate degree in Law and Economics from Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and a master´s degree in Law from Yale University (United States of America).

Prior to taking up his current position at the BCRA, he worked as an independent lawyer and arbitrator in the private sector.

In the public sector, he served as Legal and Administrative Secretary at Argentina's National Ministry of the Treasury, advisor to the Presidency of the BCRA, and advisor to the Board of Directors of Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Moreover, he worked on international arbitration at the Office of the Attorney General of Argentina, where he was also advisor to the Attorney General. In turn, he was advisor to the Minister of Economy and Production. He also served as Rapporteur on administrative matters for the Federal Court of Appeals.

He is a Professor of Economy (Microeconomics and Finance) at Universidad Austral and a Professor of graduate courses in Public Finance, Corporate Finance and Law, Economy and Behavioral Science at UCA.

Fotografía de Ignacio Pérez Cortés