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July 9 | Independence Day

Pieces selected by topic

In 1816, a group of representatives of the United Provinces issued a declaration stating their intention to put an end to centuries of Spanish colonial rule.

The declaration of independence was a sovereign and collective act. The historic Congress of Tucumán gathered 28 representatives, who discussed the design of a new nation for several months and drew the first outlines of the current Argentine Republic.

Our museum displays pieces that commemorate our independence:

Room 4 | Argentine Currency at Present


50 cent coin minted in 1992.


ARS 2 (two pesos) bi-metallic coin (golden ring, silver core) issued by Ceca S.E. in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s declaration of independence. It is currently in circulation and issued by Casa de Moneda (Argentina´s Mint).

Room 3 | Conservative Republic and the 20th Century

billete billete

m$n 10 (ten pesos moneda nacional) banknote issued in 1961. Obverse: General Don José de San Martín in his uniform, engraving made in England. Reverse: “Jura de la Independencia en Tucumán” (The Oath of Independence in Tucumán), a picture by Catalan painter Pedro Blanqué (based on the research by numismatist Guillermo Beckmann, president of the Tucumán Numismatic Center).

billete billete

m$n 1 (one peso moneda nacional) banknote issued in 1952. Obverse: Effigy of Justice without a blindfold by engraver Volumnio Cericelli. Reverse: Historical House of Tucumán by engraver Renato Garrasi.


$a 10 (ten pesos argentinos) coin minted in 1985.


? 5 (five australes) coin minted in 1989..


m$n 10 (ten pesos moneda nacional) coin minted in 1966 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Independence.

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