Museum 360° Tour 

A virtual tour of the Museum of the Central Bank to get to know the history of Argentina through its banknotes and coins. An open and free experience available 24/7 to visit from anywhere in the world.

Museum 360° Tour allows everyone to access the largest collection of coins in Argentina, and to become familiar with part of the historical heritage of Argentina.

You may access the history of the Museum and its building, erected in 1862 and declared National Historical Monument in 2005. In addition, you can explore the central hall of the building and its seven rooms:

The content is compatible with virtual reality devices.

  • The Mariano Lovardo Room | Sea Treasures
  • Room 1 | Native Peoples and Colonial Times
  • Room 2 | Independence and National Organization
  • Room 3 | Conservative Republic and the 20th Century
  • Room 4 | Argentine Currency at Present
  • Room 5 | Predecessor Financial Institutions of the Central Bank
  • Room 6 | Central Bank of Argentina