Museum Rooms

The libraries, the museum, and the numismatic issuances stand of the BCRA will remain close to the public, in line with the measures adopted by the Executive on the activities of the national public administration (DECNU-2021-236-APN-PTE), within the framework of COVID-19 resurgence.

In the ground floor, there is a room that keeps the main pieces of Héctor Carlos Janson’s collection, and two auditoriums surrounding the main hall where temporary exhibitions are shown.

There are six rooms in the first floor, which exhibit the main pieces of the museum that trace the history of Argentine currency back to the creation of the BCRA.

Room 1 | Native Peoples and Colonial Times

Encounter of two worlds with different beliefs, cultures, and political, economic, and social systems. Indigenous people´s barter, on one side, and Spanish conquerors who established a monetary system by coining silver and gold pieces, on the other.

Here you may see:

- Pieces used for bartering

- Macuquinas, handmade coins.

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Room 2 | Independence and National Organization

From 1810 to 1880: first patriotic coins, provincial coins, and first coins and banknotes issued by banks operating in Argentina in this period.

Here you may see:

- First patriotic coin

- First provincial banknotes

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Room 3 | Conservative Republic and the 20th Century

From 1872 to end-19th century: banknotes and coins in circulation in Argentina. Vouchers and tokens from shops and companies used as a means of payment. Gold coins from Tierra del Fuego minted in 1889 by the Romanian engineer Julio Popper.

Here you may see:

- Patacón de Oro

- Half coin from Paraguay

- ARS 1,000,000 banknote

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Room 4 | Argentine Currency at Present

In this room, you can learn about how money is printed in Argentina in order to ensure its safety, reliability and value.

During your visit you may see:

- New banknote series called Argentina’s fauna

- Banknote destruction process

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Room 5 | Predecessor Financial Institutions of the Central Bank

This room is in commemoration of the Office for National Public Lending and the Caja de Conversión, organizations that preceded the BCRA.

During your visit you may see:

- Book of revenues of the Office for National Public Lending

- Old scales for weighing gold

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Room 6 | BCRA

Since the creation of the BCRA in 1935, this room has displayed its history, former governors´ biographies and its architectural and cultural heritage, as well as different collection coins.

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