The Museum and You


The Museum has joined the Ministry of Culture’s program called ´Let no one be left out´. It has an induction loop system for hearing impaired persons and staff trained in Argentine Sign Language. It is also equipped with ramps for easier access.

Imagen de los visitantes del museo durante una exposición


The Museum’s library specializes in numismatics, Argentine history and museology. Its stock is regularly updated with books, journals, catalogues and other national and foreign publications.

Moreover, the library’s qualified staff provides guidance to students, encouraging them to make research work and stimulating their interest in historical, numismatic and artistic matters according to their curriculums.

School visits

The Museum welcomes student groups from primary and secondary schools. They become acquainted with the history of the Argentine currency and the cycle of money through audiovisual aids. Afterwards, a guide gives them a tour through the different rooms, at the end of which students are provided with handouts.