10 Tips on How to Write a Check

1 | Do not leave blank spaces before the numerical amount or the written form of the same amount.

2 | Do not leave large blank spaces between words or names written.

3 |Write the amount in numbers and letters, followed by a straight horizontal line to block the space and avoid fraud.

4 | Blanks to be filled in by the holder with a pen should be integrated.

5 | When crossing a check for deposit purposes, it must be crossed on its main body and not on the commercial band or on any section printed.

6 |Provide the bank with samples of all signatures you use to sign checks.

7 | Remember to modify your signature sample if you change such signature.

8 | If a check is lost or stolen, remember to inform this situation to the bank.

9 | Make sure you have available balance on your account by the debit date of the check issued.

10 | Make sure you are informed about charges and the rate applied for overdrafts. Keep your overdraft limit updated based on your needs.

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