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Supervisory Audit | Duties

To supervise BCRA compliance with Charter provisions and other applicable regulations, reporting to the Board, the Executive and the National Congress (BCRA Charter, Section 36).

Juan Carlos Isi | Supervisory Auditor (Presidential Appointment subject to Senate Confirmation)

Juan Carlos Isi is a Certified Public Accountant who graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). He holds a Master’s degree in Banking Management from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. He has been serving at the Central Bank of Argentina for over 40 years, working in different areas, such as General Management, Regulatory Issuance and Inquiries Senior Management, and Central Services and Administration Deputy General Management, among others.

He is a Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina where he teaches Banking Organization; at Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales, where he lectures on Principles of Financial Law; and at the Postgraduate course in Management of Financial Institutions at UBA.

Fotografía de Juan Carlos Isi