General Audit | Duties

To audit institutional processes and make the relevant recommendations. To file administrative proceedings.

CPA Eduardo D. Prina | General Audit Manager

A Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Prina also holds a degree in Business Administration (Licenciado en Administración de Empresas) from the University of Buenos Aires and a postgraduate degree on Systems Engineering (Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina/College of Industrial Organization) and another one on Finance (University of Palermo). He boasts expertise in the areas of management and control of the public and financial sector, both in managerial and advice and consulting duties. Furthermore, he has led projects on public sector quality assurance, e-government procurement, and administration of public property.

Mr. Prina has also held several positions in the public and private spheres: Legal and Administrative Secretary to the Ministry of Economy and Production; Federal Deputy Comptroller; Administration Manager at Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior; Secretary for Economic Promotion and Prosecutor for the Province of Tierra del Fuego; Head of the Sample Control Department at the National Audit Office; Undersecretary for Operating Management and General Accountant for the Government of the City of Buenos Aires; Advisor in Financial Administration Matters for the Municipality of Río Grande; Administration Manager at Consultatio S.A.; and General Accountant and General Director of Finance for the Municipality of Avellaneda.

He has delivered courses and conferences in Argentina and other countries on financial administration and control systems. He has advised on social security administration and financial management in projects funded by international agencies.

Fotografía de CPA Eduardo D. Prina